Family Secrets
by DeAnn Daley Holcomb
Family Secrets is the first fiction novel by award-winning television and
newspaper journalist DeAnn Daley Holcomb.

Set in a small Texas town,
Family Secrets follows the incredible journey of
three generations of women and they explore their hopes, fears and
For the young and beautiful Jennalee, it’s coping with the shattering truth
about her identity as she finds comfort in the arms of the strong, smart and
handsome Lance Forrester.  For the sweet and kind Emma Cherie it’s
finding the courage to leave her abusive husband so she can take a
chance at finding happiness with her one true love.  For the lovely and
captivating Charlene, it means learning to relinquish control and let destiny
take its course.

Author DeAnn Daley Holcomb faced a slight detour in 2005 as she was
following her dream of writing and becoming a published author, after being
diagnosed with breast cancer for second time.

“Throughout my treatment and recovery from breast cancer I never
stopped writing and that is why
Family Secrets will always hold a special
place in my heart,” Holcomb said.  “It is a story about growing up with all of
the twists and turns in life’s journey, losing love and finding love again.  The
book is in honor of all of the strong women who have been so important in
my life and all of the strong women I have written stories about and have
read about.  I think you will enjoy reading
Family Secrets and when you
finish the last sentence you’ll be able to sit back, reflect and feel a part of
the journey.  Below you can read an excerpt.  Happy Reading and all the
best!  DeAnn

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